How to Securely Wipe the Data Before Selling your Phone?

securely wipe your phone before selling it

In this guide you will learn how to clear your personal data from mobile phone before trading or selling it to someone. Nowadays moving to the new device is really a habit of every mobile user. Whenever a new smartphone comes in a market, so many users want to get the device right away from its releasing. But the thing which should be taken care of that before selling or trading your device with the new one you need to wipe its data first because it can fall into the wrong hands.

securely wipe your phone before selling it

Our article is for three major tycoons of mobile operating systems. The thing which is highly notable here is that data can be recovered with the help of some professional tools. Only a physical harm to the device can completely wipe the data from the device, but some of the precautionary measures can be taken while giving the device in the market.

Steps before wiping your phone


  • Make sure that you have already created a backup of your data including your contacts.
  • Do not forget to remove your SD card and sim card from the device.
  • Do not forget to log out from the accounts of social media and then clear the data of those apps as well.
  • Before removing an SD card perform a separate format on it.

Android Phone

If your device is running on 5.0 lollipop or later version then your device is having Android device protection or FRP (factory reset protection). With the help of this feature, you can make the phone unusable for the new owner because your phone will require your GMAIL account and password in order to start. So first you need to deactivate FRP system on your phone if you are planning to sell it in a market.

  1. First of all, you need to remove security locks from your phone. Go to settings then lock screen setting then screen lock and then remove it by choosing the None option.
  2. Now remove running accounts from your device like Google account. Go to settings then user and accounts then tap on your account and choose the remove option to wipe it from your device.
  3. You are ready to wipe your data from the phone,
  • From the Settings menu, look for Backup & reset then tap Factory data reset and Reset
  • You’ll be asked to enter your passcode if you haven’t removed your passcode from the device yet and then tap on Erase everything.
  • Once the process is done, select the option to reboot your phone.

Note: if you have a Samsung device, please remove your Samsung account as well from the device.

iOS Device

The security features which Apple provides are better than Android. There are fewer chances of recovering the already wiped data in an iOS running system. If you perform the task of wiping your data through the method below, there are fewer chances of recovering it.

  1. Before going any further, Unpair your Apple watch, turn off Find my iPhone.
  2. Now Sign out from the other service of iOS like iMessage and the app store. Go to setting then Messages then turn off the iMessage option. Sign out from Apple ID, go to setting then iTunes & App store then tap on your id and then tap on a sign-out.
  3. Remove your social media accounts from the device such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and etc.
  4. Now go to settings to sign out from iCloud, tap on iCloud and scroll down the page to the bottom and then tap on Sign out.

Note: Do not delete the iCloud data manually because it will delete the data from the iCloud store as well and you will be no longer having back up of your data.

  1. Time to wipe the data. Go to settings then General then Reset and choose the option Erase All content and settings. Confirm the selected option.

Windows Phone

The best feature for securing your data is provided by windows phone because once you are done with wiping your data, you can load the dummy data to overwrite the traces of your original data. The best and easy way to wipe data in windows phone is to perform a factory reset task and then load dummy data.

  1. Go to settings App, scroll down and tap on About and then tap on Reset your phone.
  2. Tap on confirm the action and then wait while the phone is performing the factory reset.
  3. Now, before giving the phone in a market, connect your phone to your Pc. Open the phone window, and then load the dummy data into it. Do not load your personal photos into it. Store some audio and video songs into it. Try to fill the data as much as you can.
  4. Again perform the factory reset task on the phone using the above-mentioned step. Make sure all your original data is overwritten.
  5. Open a Microsoft site, log in using your account and remove the device which you have just wiped.


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What to do if your iPhone or iPad is Lost or Stolen!

What to do if your iPhone or iPad is Lost or Stolen!

If you have lost your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch or it has been stolen, here is how to find it and make sure your information and data on it is safe. Even if you are unable to find your iPhone, do not worry your data is saved and you can remove your personal data remotely at any time.

What to do if your iPhone or iPad is Lost or Stolen!

Unluckily if you come across an unusual situation. First you need to use Find My iPhone service which is already free for iOS users. It uses your GPS locator and the internet connection to determin the exact location of the device on the map. It also give some options and helps you take some serious actions. Not so many people want to read this article but if it ever happens to you, you surely need our guide to get back your stolen or lost iPhone.

Lost your iPhone? here is what you can do now

Don’t know this option was On or Off? Follow the method given below and you will know about it.


Find My iPhone is enabled on the lost device

Finding the missing device and taking action is simple when Find My iPhone is enabled in Settings. If this option is turned on and you have lost your device. Follow the step by step guide to locate a missing device.

Note: This article provides only web-based service to find your iPhone. Although there is an app as-well which you can install on your any other iOS device and you can locate your missing iPhone with the help of it. Using the app is pretty much similar to this process.

Track and Locate your device

  1. Open your browser and go to
  2. Now login into your account which you had linked with Find My iPhone. Usually, it is your Apple ID or must be your iTunes account.
  3. Go for the Find my iPhone icon in the list of your iCloud service. Click on it and it will automatically start to locate your iPhone or whatever iOS device you have linked with it.
  4. If you have more than one device linked with your Apple ID, go to All devices and now you need to look for the device which is lost or stolen.
  5. The service will start looking for your device location when found it start zooming on the map and will start showing the location of your lost device with the green dot. Now you can use the map you can zoom in and out or you can use many moods of the map like satellite, hybrid, and standard (different visual mode with help you’re to determine the exact location).
  6. When your device is found by the service, a new window will appear and it will give you info of the battery percentage of your device and will offer you some options.

Take action to protect your device

  1. Now from many options, you need to select any one of them to take action. If you think you have misplaced your device nearby just go for PLAY SOUND and your device will automatically start playing some sound on it and it will help you to find your device.
  2. If you think your device is not nearby, go for the LOST MODE. Selecting this option means its official that the device is lost or stolen. This will automatically lock your device and put a stop to use the device. The person who has it will not have access to your personal data and all the access to your added credit, debit, or prepaid cards and also payment through Apple Pay will be suspended.TIP: You can also send a message including your contact number to the lost device and it will show up on your device’s screen so the person who has your device can read it.

Should I erase it remotely?

If you are sure of not getting back your stolen iPhone, now you can go for the option to Erase all your personal data from the lost or stolen device. You can take any action like put in Lost Mode, remotely Lock It or Erase It even the device is turned off or offline. All the actions will apply whenever your device turn on and online. While your iPhone or iPad was offline, do not remove this device from your Apple account, If you do that all the unfinished actions will be ignored.

  1. Go for the Erase button and a window will appear with the warning sign,
  2. Click on it that show you understand what you are about to do and click Erase. This option will automatically delete all the data from your missing iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device.

TIP: if you happen to get your iPhone back you can always restore your data from the iCloud backup.

Reasons Find My iPhone isn’t working

You might have Find My iPhone enabled, but there are some cases when you are limited to take actions remotely.

  • The battery is critically low or dead and no active internet connection on your device.
  • Your device isn’t showing the location because the location service turned off.

NOTE: If this service is not working because of some reasons you have another option of NOTIFY ME WHEN FOUND. It will help you to locate your phone later whenever your device turned on and gets the internet.

If Find My iPhone isnt’t enabled on lost device

One thing sure your can’t locate your device If Find My iPhone wasn’t turned on lost or stolen device. But, follow these steps and protect your information on your missing iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

  1. The first step to protect your data from missing device just changes the Apple ID password. When you do that, your missing device knows the old password and nobody will able to access iCloud data anymore.
  2. Also change the password for other accounts like Gmail, Yahoo, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other internet account.
  3. Report your device to your carrier and they will help you’re to block phone calls, messaging and cellular data usage.
  4. Report the lost or stolen device to local law enforcement. To verify that you are the original owner you must know the IMEI and Serial number of the device. You might need to give complete details to law enforcement agency about your lost or stolen device. Find the Serial or IMEI from the purchase receipt, package box. Check iTunes for this information, If you ever sync your device with computer using iTunes.

Find My iPhone is the service that only can track and locate the missing iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

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Fix: connected device isn't showing in iTunes – iPhone, iPad or iPod

You might get frustrated when to try to connect your iOS device to sync and iTunes does not recognize your iPhone, iPad or iPod device. When you plug your device, you might notice nothing happens, or you might get an unknown error or an error like “0xE”.

iTunes doesn’t recognize the iPhone, iPad, or iPod

Perform these necessary troubleshooting steps and after completing each step try to connect your device and see If iTunes recognizes your device.

  • Make sure its latest, download and install the latest iTunes version for your Mac or PC.
  • When you connect your device to the computer, you will see a “Trust this computer” alert on your iOS device screen. Tap the Trust button on your device whenever you see this message.
  • Try a different USB port on your computer and also make sure you are not using a damaged data cable.
  • Restart your computer and reboot your iOS device and then try again.
  • If none of above step worked for you, then follow the given steps below.

For Windows PC users

Apple device driver might be the reason that your device isn’t showing in the iTunes. Follow these steps to reinstall the Apple device USB driver.


  1. Connect your device to the PC and make sure iTunes isn’t running.
  2. You need to open Apple drivers folder. Press Windows+R keys from the keyboard to open the Run window.
  3. In the Run window copy and paste the following path and hit Enter.
    %ProgramFiles%Common FilesAppleMobile Device SupportDrivers
  4. This will open up the Drivers folder. Here, right-click on the inf file (usbappl64.inf or usbappl.inf) and Install it. If you are running a 64-bit windows operating system then usbappl64 and those who are running 32-bit then the file usbappl.inf. You might see some other dll and sys files with the same name. But only inf files with gives the option to install when you right-click on it.
  5. After installing the USB Apple device drivers, restart the computer.
  6. Run iTunes and connect your device again. Now, iTunes will recognize your device hopefully without any problem.

iTunes still not recognized the device

If iTunes didn’t recognize the device even after installing the device driver. You might need to check the Windows Device Management to see if the driver is installed correctly. Device Manager is a Windows program that shows all the hardware components, devices and more that are connected to the computer.

So, first of all, open the Device Manager.

  1. Windows 10: Right-click on the Start button and select “Device Manager” from the menu. All Windows: Press Windows+R keyboard shortcut to open Run Windows. Type devmgmt.msc and hit enter, this will open up the Device Manager window.
  2. Make sure your device is connected to to the computer using a data cable.
  3. Scroll-down and expand the “Universal Serial Bus controllers” and find that if the “Apple Mobile Device USB Driver” is installed as shown in the screenshot below.

Showing an error symbol with the Apple Mobile Device USB driver

If you see any error symbol with the Apple Mobile Device USB driver as shown below. Try to restart Service of Apple Mobile Device from the Windows Services.

  1. Close the iTunes program and disconnect your device from the computer.
  2. Open Windows Services program, press Windows+R from keyboard and type services.msc in the Run window and hit enter. This will open the Services window.
  3. Locate the service “Apple Mobile Device Service,” right-click on it and select “Properties” in the menu.
  4. On the properties window, Change the option “Startup type” to “Automatic.”
  5. Hit the Stop button to stop this service and then click Start to start it again.
  6. Click Apply and then OK to save the changes.
  7. Restart the computer and reconnect your device to the computer.
  8. Install the inf driver (usbappl64.inf or usbappl.inf) files again as mentioned above in the steps.
  9. Run iTunes and hopefully now you can see your device in the iTunes.

Can’t see USB Driver in Device Manager

If you can’t see Apple Mobile Device USB Driver or Its saying Unknown Device in the device manager, then try one of these steps.

  1. Make sure your USB data cable isn’t damaged or broken, try another cable.
  2. Borrow someone’s computer and try to connect your device to that computer. If you see the same results, then contact Apple Support.

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How to Restore iCloud Backup to iPhone or iPad – iOS


iCloud backup makes it easy to restore your new or existing iOS device without any problem. Using iCloud backup, you can transfer data from one iOS device to another. You will have the following advantages when you restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch from an iCloud backup. All the settings and accounts will restore from the iCloud backup that you selected. Purchased movies, music, shows, apps, books and other content downloads automatically. iTunes Store, App Store, or iBooks Store content redownloads automatically. In this guide, you will learn how to restore your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch from iCloud backup.

Restore iCloud Backup iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

You can restore an iCloud backup on a new device or an existing one that already in use.

Restore the iCloud backup on a device that you are already using

  1. Make sure your iOS version is up to date on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that you’re going to restore from iCloud backup. Go to Settings > General and tap the “Software Update” option. iOS starts checking for the new update availability. If you see any new update, then download and install it.
  2. Also, make sure you have a recent fresh iCloud backup that you want to restore. Open Settings > [Apple ID] > iCloud > Manage Storage ( or Settings > iCloud > iCloud Backup), here under Backups select your device and check the backup date and size to confirm its recent.
  3. If the backup is not new, then you can manually force iOS to make a fresh backup now. Go to Settings Settings > [Apple ID] > iCloud > iCloud Backup (or Settings > iCloud > iCloud Backup). Now, just hit the “Back Up Now” option. Let it complete the iCloud backup and then follow the next steps.
  4. To restore the iCloud backup on a device that already in use, you need to reset it to factory settings first. Open Settings and go to General > Reset and then tap “Erase all content and settings.” option. Let the iOS complete the erasing process.
  5. Now follow all the steps given below to setup device from iCloud backup.

Set up a device from an iCloud backup


  1. When you turn on your new device and reset an existing one, you will be on Hello screen. Now, follow the on-screen instructions until you see the “Apps & Data” screen.
  2. On the App & Data screen, tap “Restore from iCloud Backup” option.
  3. To access iCloud backup, you need to sign in to that Apple ID. Select the iCloud backup that you want to restore and this will starts downloading iCloud data. iOS will ask for Apple ID to download and install Apps purchases.
  4. Let the restore from iCloud process complete itself. Restore time depend on the backup size and internet connection speed. Your iCloud data like music, apps, photos and some other information will continue downloading in the background. So, keep connected to the WiFi and power source, this may take some time.

When you follow all the steps, your accounts and settings are restored from iCloud backup. After that your device restarts and begins downloading data like photos, movies, music, shows, apps, etc. You can see the apps icons on the home screen with a progress bar under it. iOS downloading all the apps one by one but you can give priority to download by just tapping on the app icon. Purchases that no longer available or refunded may not be possible to download.

To restore your iOS device from iTunes backup, not from iCloud backup. Learn more about this topic restore the iOS device from iTunes backup.


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How to Sync iPhone, iPad with iTunes Over WiFi [No USB Cable]

iphone connected in itunes

Setup your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with iTunes and then sync every time wirelessly without using any USB cable. iTunes is used to synchronize all the selected information with your computer using WiFi or with USB cable.  In this guide, you will learn how to sync your iPhone with iTunes over WiFi.

Set up iTunes to sync iPhone or iPad over WiFi

To set up your iOS device to sync over WiFi with iTunes, you need USB data cable. This is one time set up, and you will sync your device over WiFi and USB cable will not require next time.

  1. If you don’t have iTunes installed on your Windows PC or Mac, then download and install the latest version of iTunes on your computer.
  2. Run iTunes, connect your iOS device to the computer using the USB cable.
  3. Select your iOS device in iTunes.
    iphone connected in itunes
  4. Click the Summary option and scroll down to the bottom. Select the option “Sync with this device over WiFi.” Click the Apply button at the bottom.
    sync iphone over wifi
  5. Now, disconnect it from the computer, remove the USB cable.
  6. Close the iTunes and reopen it. If your iOS device and computer are on the same WiFi connection, then you can see your device icon in the iTunes. Your iPhone is connected to iTunes over WiFi

iOS device does not show in iTunes over WiFi?

Make sure you follow all the steps adequately given above.


Try to restart your computer and iOS device.

Your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and the computer must be using the same network WiFi connection.

If you are using any security software then in the firewall settings make sure the following ports are open under the firewall settings of the security application.

  • UDP port 123 and 5353
  • TCP port 123 and 3689

Don’t know how to do that? Please see the instructions in the manual of asking the manufacturer support team.


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How to Check iPhone Battery Health or Charging Capacity

check iphone battery capacity

Is your iPhone battery always running low? The actual capacity of iPhone’s battery decreases day by day, and different factors can wear the battery and decrease its health. Factors that can reduce the battery health or, charge holding capacity and also can affect the performance are the age of the battery, number of charged cycles, and cold or hot environment where you use the iPhone.

check iphone battery capacity

How a bad battery can affect iPhone

  • Battery drained very quickly and unexpectedly.
  • iPhone hardware components like CPU may not get proper power from the battery that may result in performance fluctuation.
  • Unexpected iPhone shutdown may result in valuable data loss or damaging something.

I have iPhone 7 Plus, and its total battery capacity is 2900mAh. Because I am using this iPhone for a couple of years and the battery capacity decreased a little bit from 2900mAh to 2700mAh. So, the battery wear level is approx 7% which almost shows the battery condition is still excellent. Do you want to find the battery capacity of your iPhone? Follow the given steps below to check iPhone battery health condition.

Check iPhone battery capacity

The capacity of the iPhone battery measured in mAh and every model of iPhone has different mAh capacity of the battery. The design specification battery capacity of each iPhone model given at the end


iOS didn’t show any information relates to iPhone battery capacity. But, Apple provides access to developers to find the actual size or the battery. There is an app that you can install to see the real mAh of the battery. Follow these steps to find the iPhone battery capacity.

  1. Download and install Battery Life app from the App Store. This app requires iOS 9 or later version installed on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
  2. Run this app on your iPhone or iPad device.
  3. This will scan the battery information and show you the current wear level. As you can see in the screenshot below my iPhone’s battery wear level is only 7% means 7% just reduces device run time.
  4. To check the actual and remaining mAh of the battery, tap the menu icon top-left corner and then hit “RAW DATA” option.
  5. On the next screen, you will see, how much your battery is charged, the total capacity and the battery voltage. In the screenshot given below, see the Capacity which is 2700/2900 mAh (93%). Where 2700mAh is the current maximum capacity of the battery which is reduced from the total 2900mAh due to the battery age, temperature and charge cycle.

With the help of this app, you can quickly identify the problems with the battery.

Analyze battery usage information

You can quickly view the battery usage information used by each installed app on your iPhone or iPad. Just go to Settings and then tap Battery. To know more about it see this: Apps that Using Most of the Battery.

Should I replace the battery?

Apple batteries are good and usually, you don’t to replace it until you have used it for years and completed the charge cycles or temperature is the reason that may cause swollen the battery.

iOS 10.2.1 or later versions you might see this message in the Settings > Battery section “You iPhone battery may need to be serviced.” When iOS analyze the battery condition and found battery lifespan is almost ended, then you will see this message. In that case, you must replace the battery of your iPhone or iPad.


No message in the battery section and you think your device has some serious battery issues? Check the battery health with the method given above by installing the app; If it shows the condition is bad then you must replace it otherwise check the battery usage information as mentioned above.

Battery specs for iPhone and iPad

Following are the designed battery specs for the Apple iPhone and iPad model devices.

iPhone models battery capacity

  • iPhone X – 2,716mAh
  • iPhone 8 – 1,821mAh
  • iPhone 8 Plus – 2,675mAh
  • iPhone 7 – 1,960mAh
  • iPhone 7 Plus – 2,900mAh
  • iPhone SE – 1,624mAh
  • iPhone 6S – 1,715mAh
  • iPhone 6S Plus – 2,750mAh
  • iPhone 6 – 1,810mAh

iPad models battery capacity

  • iPad series
    • iPad (1st gen) – 6,613mAh
    • iPad 2 – 6,944 mAh
    • iPad (3rd gen) – 1,1560mAh
    • iPad (4th gen) – 1,1560mAh
    • iPad Air – 8,820mAh
    • iPad Air 2 – 7,340mAh
    • iPad (2017) – 8,827mAh
  • iPad mini series
    • iPad Mini (1st gen) – 4,440mAh
    • iPad Mini 2 – 6,471mAh
    • iPad Mini 3 – 6,471mAh
    • iPad Mini 4 – 5,124mAh
  • iPad Pro series
    • iPad Pro (1st gen 12.9-inch) – 10,307mAh
    • iPad Pro (1st gen 9.7-inch) – 7,306mAh
    • iPad Pro (2nd gen 12.9-inch) – 10,875mAh
    • iPad Pro (2nd gen 10.5-inch) – 8,134mAh

If your device is not here in the list above, please leave a comment below with the device name and we will add that too.


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How to Restore your iPhone or iPad Backup from iTunes

In this guide, you will learn how to restore your iOS device backup from iTunes. You might need to restore your iPhone or iPad because your device is running slow or something went wrong that you can’t fix. You can restore your device from backup to solve the problem. Restore your iPhone or iPad Backup […]

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How to Erase Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch – iOS

erase all content and settings iphone 8

You might want to erase all the data and settings from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. There are many reasons you want to do that like you might want to sell that. So before selling your iOS device, it’s important to remove all the content from your device correctly.

Note: You can use this guide to wipe all the content and settings from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and restore it to the factory settings. Before performing the following steps make sure you have back up your iOS device in case you need the content later. By doing the following steps on your device, you can’t get your content or settings back.

How to erase your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  1. Open Settings, go to General > Reset and then tap “Erase All Content and Settings” option.
    erase all content and settings iphone 8
  2. This might prompt you to backup your device erasing all content. So, choose the appropriate option and back your device.
    backup before erasing iphone ipad ipod touch
  3. Next, you have to enter the passcode or Apple ID password If your device is protected.
  4. After entering this password just confirm that you want to delete all the content from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch device.
  5. Now, let the device work and erase all the content from it. This may take some time depending on the size of data on your device.

Why erase iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch


  • Wipe information and restore to factory settings.
  • Selling iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device to someone.

During easing process If you entered the wrong passcode six times continuously then your iPhone or iPad will be locked out and showing a message on the screen, like on iPhone “iPhone is Disabled”.  If you forgot passcode in that case you can erase your device using iTunes If you have synced it before or use recovery mode to clear your password.


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