Doogee S70 and G1 Gamepad Are the Best Way to Play Fortnite Mobile

Doogee S70 and G1 Gamepad Are the Best Way to Play Fortnite Mobile


Our verdict of the Doogee S70:
A reasonable phone with an outstanding screen, although it could do with losing a bit of weight.

This is the Doogee S70: a rugged gaming phone, with optional G1 gamepad. Performance is good, but paired with the matching controller will really take your game up a level.

Let’s take a look, and see if it’s any good. Don’t forget to enter our giveaway contest, where you can win a brand new S70 phone with G1 gamepad—it’s at the end of this review!

Features and Design

The S70 shares similarities with many other Chinese smartphones. It has a 5.99 inch IPS LCD display with a resolution of 2160 x 1080 pixels. It sports the eight-core Helio P23 processor with Mali-G71 MP2 GPU, 64GB of storage, 6GB of RAM, Android 8.1. The construction is a combination of metal, plastic, and leather.

Doogee S70 in hand

Visually, it’s not much to look at. The 5500 mAh battery ensures the S70 has a significant heft to it, and measuring 6.76 x 3.18 x 0.53 inches it’s not the smallest phone around either. Charged over USB Type-C with the included 12V/2A charger, it takes 1 hour 40 minutes to charge.

Doogee S70 USB input

It shares similar styling with the Blackview BV5800 Pro. By their very nature, rugged phones don’t always look very pretty. The chunky body and protected ports help the S70 achieve the IP68/IP69K rating. This means it’s dustproof and waterproof at 1.5 meters for 24 hours.

Doogee S70 left side

The rear of this phone contains the dual 12 + 5 MP cameras and the Sony sensor supports a maximum aperture of F/1.8. A maximum video resolution of 1080p at 30 FPS is underwhelming.

Doogee S70 camera

This camera module is slightly raised away from the main body of the phone, as it also houses the fingerprint sensor. As it’s such a large phone, this sensor can be slightly tough to reach, but it’s not too difficult to use.

You’ll find the usual power and volume buttons on the right, but on the left, you’ll also find a custom button. This can be configured to do anything you like (such as open the camera app), but by default, it puts the S70 into “gameboost mode”. The stops incoming calls and purges the RAM to free up space for games. It loads the gameboost menu, which lists any installed games.

Doogee S70 right side

Available in a choice of three colors, the S70 costs $299. The Doogee G1 gamepad, an optional $50 purchase, is where things get really interesting.

This gamepad is designed for the S70, although it will work with any phone. Connecting over Bluetooth, and expanding to gently cradle your device, the G1 turns the S70 into a giant controller, complete with joystick and triggers.

Doogee S70 G1 gamepad

The G1 has a built-in 400 mAh battery, and as it only draws between four and ten milliamps when in use, you can expect to achieve around 40 hours of play time. Annoyingly, the controller is charged through the included Micro-USB cable, so you’ll need to carry two cables with you, and you won’t be able to share power through the S70’s USB-C port.

How Is It as a Phone?

Before looking at gaming, let’s see how the S70 works as its primary function—a phone!

Doogee S70 bottom chin

The inclusion of Android 8.1 is an excellent choice. While Android 9 is the latest version, 8.1 is still a common operating system and offers great improvements over Android 7, which is starting to show its age.

The fingerprint sensor works almost instantly, and the interface feels fast and responsive. Web pages load at lightning speed, and everything generally feels fast and snappy.

Doogee S70 top bezel

Android runs underneath a very light Doogee skin, which adds aggressive memory monitoring, minor styling tweaks, and pre-installs several apps such as Octopus key mapping, which is essential for using the G1 gamepad.

Image Quality

Moving on to the cameras, there’s nothing much to get excited about here.

The cameras deliver average image quality. They can’t keep up with any flagship model, or even an older iPhone, but they aren’t terrible—for photos at least.

Doogee S70 Sample photo garden

Colors look great and the focus is fast with little to no hunting. While images look reasonable, they could still be improved. There’s a lack of contrast, and they can sometimes look washed out. You won’t be fooling anyone that these were taken with a DSLR.

Image quality gets even worse for video. Not only are there no options at all for 4k (and here’s why you should shoot 4k video if you’re unsure) or slow motion, but the footage is recorded into the horrible and very dated .3GP format.

Doogee S70 Sample photo chickens

Videos are even less sharp than the photos, and suffer many of the problems impacting photos, only much worse.

The dual lenses enable you to achieve a variety of portrait modes, but there’s nothing special here considering you can enable portrait mode on any Android phone

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How Rugged Is It?

The chunky design, thick rubber corner protectors and metal edges keep it safe from harm. Fourth generation Gorilla Glass keeps the screen safe, and the raised rubber sides help to lessen any impact on the screen itself.

There’s no need to purchase a dedicated case, as the S70 is able to keep itself safe. Heavy knocks, kicks, drops, and thumps all do little to damage this phone.

Doogee S70 underwater

The S70 is IP68 rated. It achieves this through the use of two rubber covers protecting the sim card slot and USB Type-C input. Throw it about in water without these covers in place, and you’re going to have a bad time.

The IP68 rating means it can endure harsh dusty conditions and is waterproof down to 1.5 meters. However, be aware that this rating only applies to fresh water. Any other kind of liquid may cause damage.

If you’re sensible (or even a little bit clumsy), you’ll have no problems here. The odd splash, quick dunking, or shower won’t do any harm. Go swimming, or chuck it into harsh liquids, and you will notice liquid-related problems start to happen.

Using the G1 Gamepad

Doogee S70 G1 gamepad

The G1 gamepad makes gaming far more enjoyable, and it works with any phone! Two spring-loaded grips expand to accommodate a huge variety of phones, and as the S70 is so massive, you’re unlikely to find a phone too big to fit.

Doogee S70 G1 gamepad

On the left, you’ll find a clickable joystick, d-pad and power button, along with the status light. Both the left and right feature a rear trigger, and the left side features a second “bump” trigger. None of these triggers are pressure sensitive.

Doogee S70 G1 gamepad

Once connected over Bluetooth, you can use the preinstalled Octopus app to remap any game control to the controller inputs.

Constructed from sturdy plastic, the G1 sports a QR code on the back for quick connection. While the S70 feels extremely tough, the G1 gamepad is made from plastic, is not waterproof, and certainly won’t handle a big impact like the S70.

Doogee S70 G1 gamepad

The G1 gamepad is available separately for $49, but you could just connect a PS3 controller to Android

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instead if you have one lying around.

Gaming Performance

Doogee S70

Despite having an old (but still capable) processor, the S70 can keep up with most demanding games. This is thanks in part to the Mali-G71 GPU. PUBG mobile runs very smoothly, as do older games such as Dead Trigger 2, and simpler games such as temple run.

We would have tested Fortnite, but at the time of writing it was still invite-only on Android—check out our guide to sideloading Fortnite safely

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 once it’s open to all.

The aggressive memory management helps performance, managed by the gameboost mode. You’re unlikely to find many games to really tax it though.

Despite being sold as a gaming phone, it’s not really that special. Yes, it’s good, but most high-end smartphones can run games just fine. The gameboost mode is nice, but that’s just a software tweak.

Is It Worth Your Money?

Doogee S70 in hand

It may not be the prettiest phone or even the lightest, but it’s surprisingly good! Despite having a rather average processor, the S70 has a vast amount of RAM, and an outstanding screen, a generous battery, quick charging, and a reasonably modern Android version.

The G1 gamepad is an excellent device, and as it works over Bluetooth, you don’t have to buy the S70 to use it—it will work with your existing phone.

Being a Chinese phone, there are still a few niggles you may want to consider. The minor UI changes may not be to everyone’s taste, and weird Chinese messages occasionally appeared. It’s big, and it’s heavy. It’s a bit boring design as well.

Still, if you can live with these downsides, the S70 represents an excellent alternative to the multitude of notch-sporting Android phones. A great all-rounder (but really designed for gaming), the S70 is a great phone!

Doogee S70

Thanks to Doogee, we’ve got a brand new S70 phone and G1 gamepad to giveaway! All you have to do is enter our giveaway contest below.

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Doogee S70 and G1 Gamepad Giveaway

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Blackview BV5800 Pro: Rugged, Affordable, and Great Value For Money

Blackview BV5800 Pro: Rugged, Affordable, and Great Value For Money

Our verdict of the Blackview BV5800 Pro:
Blackview’s BV5800 Pro builds on their past successes, creating a rugged phone that is both durable and desirable at an incredibly affordable price.

Modern electronics are quite fragile; none more so than your smartphone. The irony is that we tend to have our smartphone with us in all conditions—while working, outdoors exercising, or just out in the rain. These often expensive gadgets have a habit of breaking or getting damaged in any number of situations.

We buy screen protectors and pricey cases to protect them, but even they don’t always prevent the almost inevitable cracked screen. Could a rugged device like the Blackview BV5800 Pro be the answer, achieving a balance between performance and durability?


  • Operating System: Android 8.1
  • CPU: MT6739 Quad Core
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Storage: 16GB internal, expandable
  • Battery: 5580mAh
  • Display: 5.5 inches, 1440×720, Gorilla Glass 3
  • Dimensions: 6.18 x 3.09 x 0.61 inches
  • Front Camera: 8 MP
  • Rear Camera: 13.3 MP
  • Network:
    • 2G: GSM – 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
    • 3G: WCDMA – 850/900/2100 MHz
    • 4G: FDD – B1/3/7/8/20/40
  • Features: NFC, Wireless Charging, IP68 Rating, Fingerprint Reader, Dual SIM support
  • Price: $149.99


As the BV5800 Pro is a rugged device, it won’t come as a surprise that it is quite bulky. It weighs a fairly hefty 250g, compared to the iPhone X’s 174g. The BV5800 Pro is also twice as thick as the iPhone X—0.61 inches versus 0.3 inches.

Blackview BV5800 Pro: Rugged, Affordable, and Great Value For Money Blackview BV5800 Pro 8

At first, it seemed awkwardly large, but then I’m used to the relatively svelt Google Pixel. The phone felt uncomfortable in my pocket, but the main takeaway is that it did fit. Like the Pixel, you can find the BV5800 Pro’s fingerprint reader on the rear of the device, just below the camera.

Blackview BV5800 Pro: Rugged, Affordable, and Great Value For Money Blackview BV5800 Pro 5

The device is mostly covered in a rubberized plastic, with two metal plates along the side, and one on the rear around the camera and fingerprint reader. The two plates on the side are home to the BV5800 Pro’s hardware buttons; power on the right, volume and customizable SOS buttons on the left.

Blackview BV5800 Pro: Rugged, Affordable, and Great Value For Money Blackview BV5800 Pro 12

Although the phone looks like a rugged brick, opening the charging and headphone flaps proves otherwise. Underneath the external casing, is a smartphone like any other but without the outer finish. These flaps are vital as they help the phone to achieve it’s IP68 waterproof and dust-proof rating.

Blackview BV5800 Pro: Rugged, Affordable, and Great Value For Money Blackview BV5800 Pro 3

The 5.5-inch screen is protected by Gorilla Glass 3, which sounds exciting, but is actually rather pedestrian. Gorilla Glass 3 was first introduced at CES 2013, and Gorilla Glass products can be found on over five billion devices worldwide.

The design of the BV5800 Pro is unlikely to inspire the kind of enthusiasm often felt for Apple’s devices. However, it isn’t wholly unattractive either. The colored accents add a little flair.


One of the BV5800 Pro’s most notable features is that it runs Android 8.1 Oreo. Budget smartphones often run versions of Android that are at least a year or two out of date. To find the most current iteration of Google’s operating system here is a welcome surprise.

Blackview BV5800 Pro: Rugged, Affordable, and Great Value For Money Blackview BV5800 Pro 10

And it isn’t the only one. The phone comes with support for wireless charging and quick charge. It has in-built NFC which means you can use it for contactless payments. The fingerprint reader is a fairly standard feature in 2018, but its inclusion on such an affordable phone is an oddity.

Blackview BV5800 Pro: Rugged, Affordable, and Great Value For Money Blackview BV5800 Pro 11

The BV5800 Pro supports 2G, 3G, and even 4G networks. There is even Dual SIM support, with the SIM tray accessible on the right-hand metal plate. The second SIM slot also doubles as the tray for expandable storage. However, this does mean that you have to choose between expandable storage and a second SIM card.

Performance & Battery Life

If you are considering purchasing a rugged phone like the BV5800 Pro, then performance is probably not high on your priority list. The $150 price-tag may also make you doubt how good the device could realistically be.

The BV5800 Pro uses an entry-level CPU and has just 2GB of RAM. Intensive tasks like photo and video editing and many games stutter and occasionally crash. It’s clear that this is not a flagship device. Given those specifications, you’d expect the phone to handle multitasking poorly, but that isn’t the case.

Android 8.1 is the best iteration of Android for multitasking performance and battery life. If the BV5800 Pro ran an older version of Android, it might have been unusable. However, it breezed through almost all day-to-day tasks like checking emails, social media, and taking photos.

Blackview BV5800 Pro: Rugged, Affordable, and Great Value For Money Blackview BV5800 Pro 7 1

The sizable 5580mAh battery is a significant strength. For comparison, Samsung’s Galaxy S9 comes equipped with a 3000mAh battery. The large capacity battery means that, depending on usage, you can expect the device to last up to a week on a single charge. Playing a YouTube video at full brightness and full volume saw the BV5800 Pro last almost nine hours.


The main selling point of the BV5800 Pro is its rugged design. While its reasonable performance as a smartphone is a bonus, the durability of the phone is what’s important. The two key features here are the phone’s IP68 rating and durable outer shell.

Water & Dust Proofing

The BV5800 Pro achieved IP68 rating

What Makes a Device Waterproof or Water-Resistant?

What Makes a Device Waterproof or Water-Resistant?

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, which means that it is completely protected against dust and is waterproof for depths of over one meter. Blackview’s specifications claim that it is waterproof at 1.5 meters for up to two hours.

Blackview BV5800 Pro Water Test

After testing the device, there was no indication that this wasn’t the case. The phone survived multiple submersions and contact with running water. There seemed to be no lasting damage or performance issues. The only observation was that under running water with the screen unlocked, the water would interact with the screen as if you were touching it.

Blackview BV5800 Pro Dust Test

Dust resistance is more of a long-term concern; however, we did subject the phone to incredibly dry soil and dirt. As promised, the device was entirely dust free after a quick wipe down.

Damage Resistance

Waterproofing is an increasingly common smartphone feature. So while its a huge benefit for the BV5800 Pro, the phone’s most distinguishing feature is its ability to withstand damage. The tough outer shell is designed to protect the delicate electronics underneath.

While reviewing the phone, I inadvertently gave it a quick test after accidentally dropping it as I carried it around the back garden. Aside from a few minor scuff marks around the corners of the case, there was no noticeable damage. Contrast this with the Google Pixel, who’s screen shattered after it fell about 20cm onto the same surface.

Knowing it could survive day-to-day accidents, it was time to move on to more challenging tests. Stationed about five meters above ground in the top floor, I dropped the phone onto the concrete in the back garden. Unfortunately, this led to the premature end of the damage testing. The phone landed on the upper right corner, and the impact sent spider cracks all across the screen.

This shouldn’t necessarily count against the BV5800 Pro. The corner of a device is naturally one of its weakest points. As the impact surface area was minimal, the force was concentrated in that area. If it had landed on its front or back, the outcome might have been different.

Blackview BV5800 Pro: Rugged, Affordable, and Great Value For Money Blackview BV5800 Pro 2

The important thing to note from this test was that the phone did still work. A simple screen repair would get the phone back in action. However, as many screen repairs often cost upwards of $100, this may not be economical.

Should You Buy The Blackview BV5800 Pro?

Rugged devices aren’t for everyone. They trade modern design for practicality and function. For the most part, they are niche devices for those of us with a higher risk of damaging our gadgets.

The Blackview BV5800 Pro, however, makes a compelling case that rugged phones could be mainstream devices. Mediocre internal specifications aside, the phone checks almost every desirable box.

The phone has 4G and Dual SIM support alongside wireless and quick charging. There is a 13.3 MP camera and fingerprint reader on the rear of the device. It runs the latest version of Android and isn’t crammed full of bloatware. The gigantic 5580 mAh battery means the phone will last for days. It’s even water and dust proof.

To get all of that for just $150 is, frankly, incredible.

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Blackview BV5800 Pro Rugged Smartphone Giveaway

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